Document Management System

In order to run your day to day business process in a smooth and unhindered manner, your database should be managed under strict control. For this, there should be one source and one set of rules for managing your documents.

At Sage Technologies, we have devised DMS solution for comprehensive and efficient management of entire database. DMS significantly enhances the management, accessibility, analysis and distribution of content throughout an enterprise. The software is SAP Content Server, the part of your base SAP system which only requires an additional hardware & Implementation; it can be rapidly deployed and requires a little user training.

Our Document Management System comes with full integration with SAP R/3 and an easy backup. It provides a secure storage for all documents, regardless of format, application or environment where it was created. Additionally, any rights, permissions, metadata and privileges that are part of any application are also included with the document. Once captured, the documents or individual pages can be easily searched, retrieved, classified, assembled and delivered by the SAP user with required authorization.

DMS contains check-in and check-out functionality and full integration of Microsoft Office applications for updating documents. For the effective management of drawings and models, the software is integrated with CAD system. Document security is vital in any document management application, and so we have installed in this software complex security rules to control access. Compliance requirements may differ for certain documents depending upon their types.

Features at a glance

  • Ability to classify documents for searching
  • Linking of documents to other objects for visibility across the system
  • Elaborate security profiles to protect access to documents
  • Controlling of documents through change management process
  • Use of versions and revisions
  • Full text search across the stored documents
  • Automatic conversion of documents to neutral format for viewing and long term storage
  • Increased visibility of key documents