Disaster recovery

Business continuity and disaster recovery have become an integral part of business success. A business continuity disaster recovery plan is essential for ensuring that IT systems will be available in the event of a broad range of disasters, from hardware failure to malicious attacks to natural disasters.

Cloud service providers can help businesses build a better business continuity disaster recovery plan by providing redundancy and moving mission-critical infrastructure to highly secure, off-site facilities.

For a company to deliver services on regular basis and provide the  employees, customers and business partners 24×7 information and data access, it needs to have a reliable disaster recovery with zero downtime and data loss. Having an effective data backup and perfect disaster recovery solution ensures the business continuity and saves it from unfortunate failure or accidents, ultimately aiding the organization achieving success.

Sage disaster recovery solutions attend the needs of physical as well as virtual environments and keep the critical data, files, folders, applications and entire systems fully secure.  It cuts down the complications of managing different server and storage platforms, effectively reduces the cost of building and managing the disaster recovery infrastructure and makes for high speed recovery in any disaster event.

Sage sets up a disaster recovery (DR) server for SAP production environment that enables smooth operation of critical business application in case the primary SAP server fails down for any reason.The disaster recovery server is located at a different location as chosen by the client while the primary servers are fixed at client’s place. The DR center is strategically located away from the primary servers’ location that enables it to effectively handle city level, state level and country level disaster.

Our SAP backup is classified as two main types:

Database Backup- This backs-up all the information related to restore the database.

Operating Systems Backup- This provides backup for all the files which are not the part of DB backup, like, OS files, SAP and DB binaries.

Standard Features:

Faster Data Backup
By harnessing virtualization technologies , Sage offers faster application-aware and image-based backups. Our in-built compression and duplication compresses the backup file size and thus saves the backup traffic and storage in your data center. The image based approach coupled with changed block tracking (CBT) results the processing of only changed data blocks and saves time on duplicate updates.

Business Application Continuity and Data Recovery

We apply the best practices in data protection for business continuity wherein 3 copies of backed data are stored on 2 types of media with 1 copy stored at offsite. Sage’s disaster recovery and backup solution develops a complete reduplicated framework of your business locally (offsite backups) and in cloud, so that you can access and recover your data (files, applications & folders) and even your entire office.

Complete Visibility of Backup and Virtual Infrastructures

The monitoring and alerting tools incorporated in Sage backup management solution allow for the complete visibility of backup and virtual infrastructures. This keeps you notified about the issues and potential risks in your environments and helps you proactively manage your resources.

Sage Technologies provides the most befitting Backup and disaster recovery solution that helps you meet your Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). We offer the full functionality of our DR solution and with it, comprehensive backup and virtual infrastructure management and monitoring.