SAP System Audits

Seeing the extremely sensitive nature of business data and information, it is crucial to keep your systems updated and completely secure. With time, even the exceptional SAP implementations could come up with security loopholes and similar other setbacks. These loopholes make your data and discreet business information quite vulnerable to hacking, sabotage, destruction, etc. We at Sage offer comprehensive SAP system audit services that analyze your SAP system and round up all the potential loopholes in it.

Type of Audit

Every SAP implementation is distinctly customized and programmed as per the client’s business and needs, and so, we make no assumptions while conducting auditing of SAP systems. We offer SAP system audit in varied types that target different areas, such as:

  • Project Charter Audit- In this, the entire project organization structure, standards, and control procedures are reviewed. We also measure the resources adequacy on the project.
  • Project Planning Audit- Here project planning, monitoring and control processes, and meeting records are reviewed. We issue the logs and also highlight risk areas and concerns.
  • System Landscape Audit- System landscape of implementation is analyzed and the documentation done with it is checked thoroughly. The adequacy of varied instances of various system environments is also measured.
  • System Design Audit- We identify the risks in system design for key business processes, workflows, enhancements, key custom developments with reference to business blueprint document.
  • IMG Customization Audit- We analyze the system configuration for global settings and key business processes to find any potential risks. We also review the configuration for documentation and sign-offs.
  • Security Audit- Security administration policies and procedures, system authorizations and security parameters configuration in the system are checked and evaluated for any possible loophole.
  • System Administration Audit- We identify the risks involved in various system administration procedures and sign-offs, system administration team training, performance testing results and sign-offs, DR & BC plans and sign-offs, peripheral device integration, etc.
  • External Application Interface Audit- It is an important part of an audit since it ensures that data from various legacy systems in flowing into SAP accurately. Here, data integrity across various systems in the implementation landscape is checked in order to detect any risk.