SAP- Hana

Sage Technologies SAP HANA offers individual workshops that explore practical usage scenarios for identifying the tangible benefits of implementing SAP HANA. For example, you can see how slow data access can prevent you from generating the actionable insights needed for quick and informed decisions.  With this unique offering, Sage Technologies can help confirm your exact business requirements, and begin the process of planning the next steps of your project (SAP Basis, Sizing and approach). For more information about how our SAP HANA Consulting and Implementation Services could help your business, contact Sage technologies today.

SAP HANA is changing the way businesses operate, the processes they follow day to day and improving workflows and reporting real-time. SAP is transforming businesses with its next generation platform.

It’s hard to be strategic when supply-chain bottlenecks and time-to-market delays are eroding your bottom line. Rely on Dell to drive the infrastructure scalability and agility you need for your SAP and SAP HANA processes. Our industry-standard solutions can help your business:

  1. Enhance resource planning, customer relationship management and supply chain logistics
  2. Increase transaction speeds and decrease hardware requirements

SAP HANA provides direct access to operational data without affecting the performance of the SAP ERP application or any other operational software. Organizations can synchronize key transactional tables in near-real-time in-memory, making these tables easy to access, analyses and look up. Once data is available in-memory, departments can instantly look up individual line items from massive lists like booking documents, sales leads, or service requests – with no impact on the operational system.

The smooth workflow and modelling of SAP HANA supports direct-access for detailed line items, as well as models for more complex analytic processing. SAP HANA provides support from idea to analysis.