In order to take advantage of rapidly changing market situations and economics across the world, it is imperative to align your business process with the emerging needs and conditions. Adapting the business processes to the ever altering market and economic situations is the biggest challenge when it comes to rollout of SAP to multiple locations.

At Sage, we consider different implementation approaches coupled with same number of strategies for a successful transfer of business operation practices across the lines of business in all locations. 
Sage Technologies has extensive experience in Template solutions rollout for different clients across their business units and geographies. 

Our SAP specialists are quite skilled in making quick and flexible template adjustments as this brings huge reduction in investment while aligning the system unit with persisting process development. We have developed a unique rollout methodology that comes from a vast &in-depth knowledge of local and legal requirements across varied countries.

We offer multiple delivery models where in we are able to align your specific business processes, systems and strategies for achieving your business objectives. Apart from this, our ready to use SAP roll-out guidelines, standards and procedures help you accelerate the roll out process and speed up the business operations.   

Sage Technologies serves roll-out services to domestic as well as international business units:

  • Template rollout to geographies
  • Process mapping country extensions
  • Configuring country extensions
  • Custom developments for country extensions
  • Additional module rollouts and also training and development
  • Deployment through change management

A successful roll-out results in an increased support for internal IT departments and strengthened reporting options for senior management. This leads to improved communication and transparency within the business process.

We at Sage help our clients attain increased visibility for their local business projects with refined documentation and improved business practices.