Business Process Engineering

Business Process Re-engineering is radical redesigning of the business processes in order to bring dramatic improvement in the company’s performance in terms of cost, quality and response time. BPR is the key of transforming how an organization runs its business. Its aim is to improve and enhance cash flow, quality of service delivery and customer satisfaction.

BPR is the step which is taken next to System audit. The purpose of SAP system audit is to locate any potential risk or loophole in the project organization structure ,system design for key business processes, workflows, key custom development etc with reference to business blueprint document.
A typical BPRproject implies the implementation of audit findings that results in thetransformation of the existing business model into leaner and fitter organization.

We at Sage workthrough 3-phase implementation procedure of the audit findings. We recommend aphase wise approach with limited scope of each phase so that the improvements can be easily monitored & measured. Many times in SAP system auditing projects, we work out the audit recommendations together with the client’s SAP team while continuing the monitoring plan. 

Phase One

  • Within this phase, customer focus group is formulated and an IT team is aligned based on the processes (not on SAP module) so as to eliminate any integration issue.
  • Then , identified process gaps in SAP where SAP utilization is low, are eliminated. These areas are segregated and planned accordingly.
  • There after the SAP team works on the identified loopholes or risks which need changes in configuration and process.
  • End user training is programmed to empower the users in their respective areas.

Phase Two

  • In this phase, all the processes (which are done outside SAP) are integrated in one system.
  • Further, the systems other than SAP systems, which are identified for their low utilization, are eliminated.

Phase Three

  • This is the last phase, wherein any new functionality is reviewed and implemented.
  • Apart from the new functionality brought under SAP Version up grade, few additional tools like SRM are also implemented.

SageTechnologies BPR services involves the use of modern methodologies andtechnologies which are designed to maximize the potentiality and efficiency ofthe organization