Our Approch

At Sage technologies, we help our customers achieve success by designing, developing and deploying robust, modern systems for their organization. We do that by listening to our clients, understanding the challenges they face and then proposing various solutions. We take the time to talk our customers through the proposal, educating them on the merits of different approaches.

At Sage Technologies Systems, our goal with our deep-level consulting is to provide customers with the best overall and cost effective approach to ensure they have the right technology infrastructure and workflow solutions in place.

We leverage our uniquely designed methodologies and based upon our rich experience with rapid rollout to other locations and other organizations based on global model, we have formulated our implementation approach.

We propose the introduction of complementary tasks and activities that are needed to support rapid deployment. Our implementation approach is proven through its regular use at several successful large scale implementations. Throughout the phased deployment, we remain focused on continuous knowledge sharing and transfer.

In order to support the project teams, we have a special knowledge center that provides the methodology, accelerators, templates, research, SAP expertise and technology expertise to them. The center also offers tools and support needed to overcome project obstacles.

Sage Technologies Systems will embed with your organization, spending time with different users, observing them at work. We’ll develop a document detailing your current system, identifying where your bottlenecks are and citing our recommendations moving forward.