Enhancements and Developments

SAP Enhancements
Enhancement is the method through which an existing functionality is modified or a newly created one is added to SAP’s standard business applications. Enhancements in SAP are done in order to cater to the business requirements. These don’t require any special access keys to do modification and can be implemented directly on the system.

Sage offers SAP enhancements services to fulfill the client’s specific needs by creating non-standard solutions based on SAP tools.We have done certain SAP enhancements that are within third party and then integrated into the main system.

Weigh Bridge
Weigh bridge is a weighing and computing system that is featured with extensive data extraction, collection and processing functions.The solution helps managing and tracking the information that comes during weighing and labeling products in an efficient manner.

Why Integration is needed?
In storage and warehousing companies, where commodities are stored and transferred to and from different places, huge amount of time gets wasted in entering weight information manually. Further, it is also essential to link this information with the core database and this increases the complexity.
The integration is done across multiple sites with central billing and stock monitoring system. This facilitates a highly accurate analysis of goods that is consistent across all platforms.

Weigh Bridge SAP Integration
 We have expertise in integrating weighbridge to SAP that helps in controlling costs. Weighbridge plays a pivotal role in manufacturing sector where all incoming and outgoing goods are weighed and billed. The system is automated and is integrated and implemented in standard SAP.

The automation facility benefits the administration, promotes the system accuracy, improves the service quality and brings consistency on weighbridge. All the more, integrating weigh bridge with SAP provides centralized access to data.

We have excellence in integrating stand-alone weighbridge as well as networked weighbridge wherein we provide the direct text file that can be fetched from SAP with the help of interface software. Besides we also offer RS232 to Ethernet converter. 

Barcode Scanning (Inventory Management)
Integrating barcode scanning in real-time with inventory control, materials management and other enterprise applications, like SAP helps in promoting efficiency and accuracy throughout the project. Apart from freeing up the workforce, it links the inventory system information with that of the enterprise’s other operations thus bringing transparency and reducing data redundancy.

We offer easy-to-follow, simple-to-use and cost effective SAP barcode system in which we integrate the client’s barcode scanners and automatic data collection devices. Our solution is a fully supported product that can be installed within minutes without doing any custom coding. Our deployed SAP certified interfaces work with all versions of SAP R/3 and SAP ECC and requires no additional SAP components.

Mobile Solution (Mobile Applications)
With the increasing availability of Android, I-phones etc,mobile business apps have become a necessity. We develop state-of-the-art mobile applications for your business partners, employees and your customers,which are user centric. These mobile applications are customized as per your line of business and industry.

These role based apps are integrated with SAP so that they are linked with enterprise data; and they accelerate the key business process and promote a fluid workflow management. The apps streamline your business operations and work processes and thus, reduces the cost of ownership. 

With Sage Technologies’ created mobile solutions, you can provide your employees a better security access to crucial tools and data anywhere and anytime. Sage’s mobile solutions help in transforming employee interaction and consumer transactions that emphasizes “customer first” economy.

Under our development services, we develop SAP solutions that enhance the standard functionality of the SAP system. Besides, we also develop new applications, which are specific for meeting the client’s industry requirements. These are custom developments which are unique and mission critical and custom designed to address your complex business needs.

Sage has its own development methodology that helps organization achieve a high level of project quality and lessens the risk throughout the project life cycle. We have also some ready-made SAP system enhancements and pre-configured development solutions ready to be implemented for use.

Custom Development in Standard SAP:

EXIM (Export Import Management)
Sage has developed EXIM (Export Import Management) for organizations which are involved in international trading. The solution facilitates an efficient management of import and export documents as it is designed to fulfill the documentation, reporting and tracking requirements of international trade. It is integrated with the standard SAP and its logistics and financial modules. EXIM helps in retrieving the detailed reports of all financial documents for analysis and tracking purpose. The solution also offers high level security based upon customizable authorization concept which keeps the legal trading documents secure.

Customized Production Planning (Manufacturing, Garment,Electrical)
Companies from manufacturing, garment and electrical industries have complex production processes as they produce a vast variety of products. As a result, these companies tend to keep their production planning and control system process oriented so as to promote flexibility and faster response.

SAP R/3 has a highly integrated Production Planning (PP)system. Although SAP’s PP module is already designed to handle varied planning strategies like make-to-stock, planning without final assembly, make-to-order etc, but still for an efficient operation and high accuracy and for meeting the specific needs of the business, the solution needs to be strictly customized.Every organization has distinct production processes that reflect their busines sblueprint, and after an in-depth analysis of this blueprint and client’s production process, we introduce the customization in the SAP solution.

Through our expert knowledge of SAP architecture and time proven practices, we have developed SAP pre-configured industry solution that caters major fabric manufacturing, garments manufacturing and electrical industries. Our customized SAP Production Planning solutions are sector specific solutions that use SAP’s advantages and functionality to its fullest potential and helps in improving the productivity of the work processes.  

Workflow through web solution (BSP- Business Server Pages, WebDynPro)
We also develop Business Server Pages (BSP) applications and SAP WebDynPro applications for SAP NetWeaver Portal, which help in accelerating and streamlining the workflow in various work processes within any organization. We have implemented for our clients some very famous business applications, for example, Employee Self Service (ESS), Manager Self Service(MSS), Learning Management Solution (LMS), and Recruitment Management etc.

Following our process oriented approach and expert methodologies, we improve the clients’ work processes with the help of these web-enabled core processes. These applications streamline the various operations of business operations and enhance the productive workflow.